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National Laugh Day

My husband is an Improv teacher, and even though Improv is about so much more than just comedy, he is awesome at making people laugh! It is his mission in life to get people smiling and laughing, he said “Imagine what change could happen in the world if the whole world took the time away from their worries for a moment and all just took the time to laugh at the same time, I wonder what it would sound like from space a whole planet being happy“. Nothing makes him happier than getting another person to smile. So, he wanted to create a national laugh day. A day where everyone takes the time to laugh. All offices, workers, schools, everyone no matter who they were or what they did take a moment in the day to laugh.

Being that he makes me laugh on a daily basis, I thought that national laugh day should be on his birthday, which is August 27.

So, how does someone start a movement? How do we start a national laugh revolution? How do we get the planet happier? Any ideas? We would love to hear it! If you like the idea, please pass it on and tell your friends about this site. Please feel free to comment, or email us. We want to hear any and all ideas!!!

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  1. Love2Laugh said:

    I love it, I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

    I think it’s a great idea. Its impossible to be angry or upset, while laughing, it makes strangers friends, and problems smaller. It makes plants and water healthier (check out the work of Dr Masaru Emoto). Even just thinking about laughter and joy makes you happy and improves your health, (reduction of cortisol and boosts your immune system) so planning to be extra happy and imagining what you can do to make people laugh on a particular day will improve your health. A whole planet focused on thinking the same thing at the same time like Joy, Laughter and Smiles can only improve everyones life and make a happier healthier planet.

    I think everyone can just spread the word any way they can and tell all their friends to expect to be Happy and Laughing August 27th because it’s International Laugh Day so they should start planning now on how they are going to be funny, and greet everyone on August 27th by saying “HAPPY MIRTH DAY” and businesses can have a competition for the best joke, major corporations can promote funny adds, movie theatres can give 1/2 price tickets for their comedies and a free drink that day.

    I’m totally excited by the idea because everyone can be a part of it, babies to grandparents can all do it, so no one is left out. I’m going to send this link to everyone in my email list now I hope they and others do the same…. :D

    Thank You,

  2. Why don’t you create an event on say facebook so the word can spread faster :)

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