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I laughed today!

It was quite a fun day.   I was going by the bank on Friday depositing some checks.   I was on the phone with my husband, Jamie, and he said, “Tell them about laughday.com”.   So, I did.   

Today, when I dropped by the bank, the teller said, “OH MY AMY!!!” and she started laughing.   I thought, “Oh no, what did I do?”      Then, she said, “We watched that video like 6 times on Friday!  And we all just cracked up every time!   Thank you so much for that, we really needed to laugh!”     I started laughing  just thinking about Jamie rolling around on the ground.   I can’t help it, it’s FUNNY!!!  

Jamie also got a phone call out of the blue from some producer in Los Angeles that wants to put his video onto a television show!   How COOL!!!!     So who knows????    We’ll see if they like it enough to cast the video.   :)

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