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Small Acts Of Kindness

On this page, we want you to post away! With so much negative stuff on the internet, how about something positive? Has anyone made your day with a small act of kindness? Did you get excellent service at a restaurant, and you want to thank the waiter/waitress publicly? Did someone say something to you that made you smile all day long? It can be anything! Practice a random act of kindness today. And if someone was kind to you, we want to hear about it!!!

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  1. Ok, it was something so simple, but, it made my day. I had one of my students buy me a tea from Starbucks. Now, that might not seem like a big deal, but, he had seen me in Starbucks a few weeks before that, and had noticed what I drank (which is green tea with a bit of steamed breve).

    He took the time after one of my classes and got me a tea and brought it back to me. The fact that someone just thought of me was so cool! It made my day, and I’ve thought about how easy it is to do something nice for someone else.

    I decided that the next time I went into Starbuck’s, I gave them some extra money and bought the stranger behind me their latte. :)


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