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International Laugh Day

Jamie had an idea where he wanted the whole world to take a moment and laugh. Not like April Fool’s Day, where people play jokes on each other. (Although that can be a fun day as well). He wanted the whole world to be a little more happier by experiencing the joy of having a laugh, the improved health you experience from laughing, and the bonds that are formed by sharing a laugh with a friend or colleague! That everyone laughing together, or at least the same day would make a happier world. A small step but a step in a better direction. He was hoping that offices would get together and do something fun with each other in their business meetings, school kids would be excited about a day of laughter at school and giggle in delight, and common people would find a way to laugh out loud!

So, me being his wife, and being that he makes me laugh on a daily basis, I thought that national laugh day should be on his birthday, which is August 27. Nothing would make Jamie happier than for the whole world to get together and laugh. That would be the best birthday present ever!

If you like this idea, put August 27th in your calendar, and make it your goal to make at least 2 people laugh that day! Also, if you like this idea, please forward this on to everyone you know! Share it like crazy! Let’s make the idea of laughing on Laugh Day infectious! Wouldn’t it be great to plan a day to just have fun no matter what you are doing that day! Also, feel free to comment and post how you laughed, or what you are planning for Laugh Day

My husband is an Improv teacher, and even though Improv is about so much more than just comedy, he is awesome at making people laugh! It is his mission in life to get people smiling and laughing, he said “Imagine what change could happen in the world if the whole world took the time away from their worries for a moment and all just took the time to laugh at the same time, I wonder what it would sound like from space a whole planet being happy“. Nothing makes him happier than getting another person to smile. So, he wanted to create a national laugh day. A day where everyone takes the time to laugh. All offices, workers, schools, everyone no matter who they were or what they did take a moment in the day to laugh.

So, how does someone start a movement? How do we start a national laugh revolution? How do we get the planet happier? Any ideas? We would love to hear it! If you like the idea, please pass it on and tell your friends about this site. Please feel free to comment, or email us. We want to hear any and all ideas!!!

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  1. Holy Toledo, so glad I clicked on this site first! It cheered me to think of more people in the world experiencing more laughter. I look forward to more. :)

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