Where The Whole World Laughs

In this post, we would love to know exactly what makes you laugh? A sense of humor can be different from one person to the next, so, it’s always fun to know exactly how and what makes people laugh.

Some people like raunchy humor, and others like slapstick type humor, while others want their humor to be a bit more clever. What ever makes you laugh or smile, we want to know about it!

Feel free to comment here and let us know what makes you smile!

No man is truly married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying.
– Author Unknown

Laugh Of The Day

This guys laugh is SOOOO funny. Laughing is contagious, so, if you are having a hard time finding your laugh of the day, just watch this video!!! Part of why this video is so DANG funny is because the guy trying to run the comedy skit can’t control his own laughter when he finally hears this guy laughing.

Although a cough or a cold may be contagious, laughter is 10 times more contagious than any illness, and much better for you!

Laughter is actually good for your heart! It increases blood flow, and sometimes forces you to breathe deeper. This improves the function of the blood vessels which can benefit you against the risks of heart disease.

Laughing increases your immune system! That’s pretty cool, right? Laughter decreases the stress hormone (cortisol) and increases the immune system cells that fight against disease. (Decreasing the stress hormone can also benefit you in weight loss and body fat).

Laughing actually relieves physical tension and stress. Stress is a major cause of all sorts of illness! Laughter can relax the body and relieve tension.

Laughter really is the best medicine! It can actually release endorphins in the body which can be a natural pain reliever!

There are so many more benefits to laughter! I will be posting more about this here!

Babies Laughing

This is so darn cute!   Who can resist a babies laugh? These four babies laughing are soooo adorable. It makes you wonder exactly what the dad is doing to get them laughing. Because the mom keeps saying, ‘Do it again’.

Laughter can be extremely contagious! So, if you are needing a good laugh for no reason, check out this video. It should make you chuckle!

I believe the world can be a better place for everyone and laughter is a great step in that direction. When you laugh your life is better. My intention is to create lot’s of laughter and joy in the world.   I feel it is some of the best medicine in the world! To be in Joy and to share that Joy is a wonderful thing.